Church of St Peter & St Paul in Bolton-
F.A.N.S Friends And Neighbours

Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in the village hall. Interesting Speakers, Outings, Theatre Trips - a vibrant group appealing to all ages. Please come and join us.


Chairwoman: Helen Tomlinson 01200 447658

New members - and friends - welcome - and you don't need to bake cakes!


FAN’S Programme 2015
Wed 7th Jan 
Wed 4th Feb 
Knit & Natter Social Evening. Hostesses: FANS Committee
Wed 4th March
The Building of Barton Grange By Guy Topping Hostesses: Sally Hatch, Grace Dobson. Sue Lund.
Wed 1st April  
To Scarborough Fair & Beyond By Maureen Little Hostesses: Edith Booth, Carol Willock, Angie Hambley   
Wed 6th May  
The Trussel Trust. Food Banks in the NW.  By Ruth Haldane, Hostesses: Alice Pickard, Josie Fawcett, Joyce Lilburn  
Wed 3rd June
Growing Old Disgracefully, By Linda Sawley   Hostesses: Cath Curry, Jeanne Bishop, Judy Dawes  
Wed 1st July 
WALK followed by supper
  Wed 23rd July
Trip to Stones & Roses Garden 1pm – 4pm
Wed 5th August
Wed 2nd Sept
Life in Saudi as a nanny, By Heather SlaterHostesses: Maureen Beaumont, Dorothy Bacon,Janet Hargreaves
Wed 7th October  
Being your Best, By William CatlinHostesses: Gill Anderton, Kath Dyer, Margaret Loach.
Wed 4th November
The  History of Artisan Cheese, By Andy Swinscoe, Hostesses: Janet Plant, Maggie Morgan, Monica Leeming
 Wed 2nd December
Christmas Shopping trip to Barton Grange 1pm – 4pm
Wed 9th December
Carol Singing