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Haylage for Horses

Haylage for Horses 

Excellent Quality 20kg handy bales

Here at Spring Head Farm we have been growing and managing grassland for over 60yrs. We take great pride in ensuring regular soil samples are taken, poisonous plants are checked for and immediately eliminated and weeds are dealt with as necessary. The land is fed once or twice a year with fertilizer and manure as required according to the soil samples and horses do not graze our haylage fields.

When making haylage, timing is of the essence. It takes years of experience to know when to cut and how much working or stirring is required to make the quality we aim for and we won’t stand for anything less. Being baling contractors, we are in a privileged position to have priority. So when the weather is right and the grass is ready it is cut, stirred and baled in perfect time. We try our very best to ensure the very best quality of haylage which is why we guarantee every bale.

Delivery or collection.

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